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 Safelight Studio friends share items of interest with us and other readings or topics of note we post here:

interesting conceptual works and approaches:

On Netflix:

The Art of Photography Series:

Season 2:

Elsa Dorfman: She is a wonderful Polaroid photographer living in New England, and a film has been made about her, her friends, loved ones, and people she photographed, and her relationship with Polaroid. A heartwarming, illuminating film that speaks of the challenges women face as artists, the personal mission she has, and the heartwarming manner and enthusiasm with which she recreates the stories, characters, and events she has lived.

elsa dorfman trailer check out the links for information, video shorts, and other details: &

exhibits nationwide:

latest in the Times:


ESSENTIAL READS:,.3Ed.(036373052).LotB.pdf–Glory.pdf


left behind

ARCHIVE of past items posted:

NY TIMES PICS of 2016:

NY TIMES Bill Cunningham, unpublished photographs: (latest monographs and other info by great photographers)

The (Lost) Art of Hand-Coloring Photographs



Kari Wehrs Photography – Shot

Edward Honaker:

Photographer Edward Honaker Documents His Own Depression


Photographer Documents His Own Depression In Dark Self-Portraits


Women In 1940-1950s In Black And White Photos By Nina Leen

“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

KOSTI at Maine State Museum:

This Photo of a Potato Sold for Over $1,000,000

Kevin Abosch

Peter Lik Print Sells for $6.5 Million, Shattering Record for Most Expensive Photo

Peter Lik


February 11 – March 26, 2016

The Benrubi exhibition follows Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals, which was published by MIT Press in 2009 and includes an essay by renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks.


“New 55PN is a new instant 4 x 5 film that produces a superb negative and a positive print too”:

located ten miles from the old Polaroid factory: 72 Nickerson Road Ashland, Ma 01721

Francesca Woodman exhibit in Amsterdam, opens 18 Dec 2015 and book available:

“Cell phone snaps made into silver prints… this is further support that darkroom printing will live in synergy with digital. No doubt. Here is a link to the Enfojer site:
You’ve got to see this. They are making a mini enlarger that uses your phone screen to print from. It’s actually a beautiful looking tool to my eyes. You get the mini enlarger (use your phone for light source), tongs, trays, and a safelight.”


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